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Important from Hydro Ottawa 

Hydro Ottawa has notified the Association that work will commence in the next 2-3 weeks in the areas noted on the attached site plan.  The work will include excavation / trenching, high voltage cable installations, and will also require power outages.  Hydro Ottawa will notify the affected customers a minimum of 48 hours in advance of outages.

Update October 3, 2018

Excavation and trenching has been completed and the work areas are currently fenced off. Hydro anticipates backfilling by the end of the week.

Hydro Ottawa will notify affected owners directly however please note that there will be power interruptions this Thursday, October 4th, 2018, from 8am to 4pm.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Tom McKibbon, System Designer, Distribution Residential Design at (613) 738-5499 | ext. 7229

>Hydo Site Plan

SEWER INSPECTION     Oct. 16th-18th

Please be advised that as done in 2014, the Association is once again performing sewer cleaning and inspections in 9 of the 10 blocks of units on the property as part of the Reserve Fund Study update to investigate the current condition of the common sewer lines.  During this time, the sewer systems will be flushed to remove any accumulated debris that could result in a possible sewer backups.  

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Trespassing Concerns

  • Regarding concerns about trespassing:  After consulting with bylaw and compliance at the City, we have been informed that since we are accessible at numerous points from the surrounding streets, "No Trespassing" signage is simply an indication of our intent. Only if one of our residents asks someone to leave the property is it enforceable. 
  • The person who asked the other to leave must be the one to call the police at the following number: 613-236-1222.  Please inform the manager and owners’ committee if you make such a call and let us know how your complaint was dealt with.

Joint Use Agreement

A reminder to owners who rent out their unit that according to clause 6.4, the Joint Use Agreement requires that owners provide the Committee an acknowledgment signed by the tenant agreeing to abide by the JUA. The committee is asking all owners who have tenants to submit the signed documents to the Property manager within 60 days to allow us to update our files in a timely manner.

>Joint Use Agreement (PDF)

Below is a Tenant Undertaking form which an owner can print out and have their tenant sign.

>Tenant Undertaking Form (PDF)

Free Residential Recycling Depot

This notice has been posted to our web site due to the increasing number of items being left for regular garbage pick-up which are not accepted by the City.

When the City does not pick up items, we must all bear the cost of having these items removed and properly disposed of. If you see anyone leaving items you know will not be picked up, please try to identify their unit and notify our manager, Angela, immediately.

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